Skin treatments

Nucleofill is the new  injectable bio stimulating treatment made of natural polynucleotides.  The treatment promotes collagen production, hydration, and firmness of the skin.  The polynucleotide gel helps to reduce free radical damage, improves skin microcirculation and firms and contours the skin.  

Nucleofill Soft can be used as an alternative to tear trough filler, as it helps decrease puffiness, fine lines and volume loss. 

Discomfort: mild to medium.


Nucleofill is injected into the skin in 2 sessions over 2-3 weeks.  There is very little discomfort during treatment but numbing cream or local anaesthetic injections can be used if necessary. 

Downtime: 1-2 days, bruising and swelling possible


​When can you see the difference: improvement is normally seen within a week


​How long does effect last: 6-12 months, a follow up at 6 months is recommended 


 Price 1 syringe £400

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