Light Eyes Ultra is a mixture of innovative ingredients formulated to treat skin in the delicate eye area. The treatment involves tiny injections around the eyes to improve skin firmness, microcirculation, puffiness and dark circles.

 A mixture of fillers acid, vitamin c, cucumber, chamomile, holly, rosemary and blueberries extracts and antioxidants improve microcirculation, skin elasticity and lymphatic  drainage in the periocular area.  The result is an improvement of dark circles, reduction of fine lines, puffiness and under eye bags.

The eyes appear brighter and surrounding skin firmer and smoother, with an overall rejuvenated look. 


Discomfort: very mild. I will apply a numbing cream prior to treatment to minimise any pain from injections

Downtime: none, although some swelling and bruising (that is easily coverable with makeup) is possible 


When can you see the difference: improvements are usually seen within 24 hours and continue with every subsequent course


How long does the effect last: 3-4 months, top up treatments are recommended to maintain results


 Price 1 session £350

Model Portrait