Facial Treatment

Tixel utilises heat energy to deliver excellent results at refreshing and tightening the skin, improving acne scarring and reducing wrinkles and dilated pores.


Treatment intensity is tailored to individual requirements. Tixel is safe to use around the eye, therefore commonly treated areas include the eyelids, along with the face, neck, decolletage, hands and even feet. 


Recommended course: Tixel Light 3 to 6 treatments 1 month apart, Tixel Intense 1-3 treatments 6 weeks apart


Discomfort: mild, numbing cream is used prior to treatment in sensitive areas

Downtime: Tixel Light 1-3 days, Tixel Intense – up to 1 week

When can you see the difference: within 2 weeks, gradually improving over time

How long does effect last: 12-20 months


Tixel Light from £400 

Tixel Intense from £800 Full Face (including eyelids)

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